We all know the eternal struggle of training and dieting without any clear results, which in time can become very frustrating and perhaps even sap you of your enthusiasm to get fit. This usually occurs due to a lack of knowledge and/or motivation. My name is Rafaël Rocha and I started Rafaël Rocha Health & Lifestyle Coach to offer guidance and support to those who want to achieve a healthier and more active lifestyle, or expand the boundaries of their fitness routines and athletic abilities.

The most effective path to a healthier lifestyle is through a focus on one’s long-term goals. Therefore, I place great importance on the development of an achievable and challenging program, customized for your personalized goals, rather than crash diets and generic or unrealistic training routines. During your personalized sessions, I will not only guide and motivate you but also correct you when necessary. Whenever you have questions or want some additional guidance, I will be available to ensure that you are provided with all the necessary tools to achieve your goals.

You will receive a personalized training and nutritional schedule suited to your own wishes and standards. The focus on your own personalized needs and goals means, for example, that we can hold training sessions wherever convenient for you, either at an established training location or even in the comfort of your own home.


over Rafael Rocha


My name is Rafaël Rocha and I am a qualified personal trainer. My qualifications extend to diverse areas concerning health, training and personal lifestyle. Having graduated from the Regionaal Opleidingscentrum Mondriaan as a Sport & Bewegen (Sport & Movement)-Fitness Coordinator, I have continued expanding my knowledge within the health and fitness field, including through additional coursework  at Train The Trainers (Step Instructor), AALO, The Overload Principle,  and LAPT.

Prior to becoming a personal trainer, I was an active fitness instructor and aerobic instructor with several organizations, including The HealthCity Premium located in The Hague and HighFive Health Promotion. The latter entailed providing for corporate fitness at the following locations: Unilever Rotterdam, GGD Rotterdam, Ernst & Young Rotterdam, and Deloitte Rotterdam.

In addition, I have instructed at a number of ministries, such as SZW, I&M/Verkeer & Waterstaat, VWS, Financiën, and The Municipality of The Hague.




“Feel Better, Look Better!”

Continuous and systematical stimulation of the body is required to improve one’s physical performance. Therefore, personalized and individual guidance is key during every session.

During our initial meeting, you can tell me your goals and wishes and we will discuss how I can most effectively help you to achieve them. In addition, we will create a personal training schedule and, as appropriate, a nutritional schedule. This will not entail a strict or impossible diet but rather healthy nutritional advice related to your current nutritional habits.

√  Support and assistance during and between training sessions
√  Nutritional advice suited to your own lifestyle
√  Mental health
√  Stress management and relaxation
√  Empower you to achieve permanent results
√  Enhance your quality of life
√  Your guide to a healthier lifestyle 



A person’s physical performance or condition is determined by several factors, such as coordination, agility, stamina, strength and speed.  With the Foundation Program, focus is placed upon the improvement of these five factors.

In order to measure your physical performance level, we will perform tests related to the five different factors. The test results will be used to create a personalized training plan. This training plan is meant to strain your physical capabilities in an injury-free manner, in order to secure a safe and effective improvement in your physical performance and overall condition.

Benefits of the Foundation Program

√  Provides for a stronger and more fit lifestyle
√  Guards against injury
√  Optimizes body composition
√  Improves coordination
√  Improves agility
√  Improves strength
√  Improves speed


In the strength program, we will closely work together to achieve your specific goals. The purpose of this program is to increase muscle mass and improve cardiovascular condition. All aspects of strength will be improved during this program, such as increasing maximum strength, strength endurance, muscle mass and improving body posture.

These sessions will focus on specific muscle groups by stimulating the muscle through combined or isolated exercises. Due to the intensity of these sessions, you will also develop mental endurance. In addition, this program speeds up the metabolic rate and lowers body fat percentage.

With the program’s constructive training sessions, in combination with an optimum nutrition, you will efficiently achieve your goals.

The STRENGTH program provides for:

√ Gaining muscle mass
√ Faster Resting Metabolic Rate
√ Improving Muscular Strength
√ Body Fat Reduction
√ Improving Posture
√ Improving mental strength
√ Obtaining an aesthetic body  


BURN is a weight-loss program containing a personalized training schedule combined with a personal nutrition plan. BURN ensures for maximum and lasting results thanks to constant variation in exercises and a personalized approach.

It is a fact that the body will burn fat when glycogen reserves in the muscle are depleted. During strength training muscle exhaustion occurs, which stimulates the fat burning process.
Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that enough carbohydrates are consumed prior to training.  Proper guidance will be provided in order to ensure that adequate nutrition is consumed prior to physical exertion.

Glycogen reserves are exhausted and aerobe condition is improved when strength training is performed in a circuit sequence, resulting in better endurance during physical activities. The circuit sequence will be performed in an interval setting. This will encourage the burning of both glucose and fat. The body will therefore evolve to be independent of foods with a high glycogen index.  This results in stable blood sugar levels throughout the day. Energy levels will be stable and you will look and feel fit!

√ Personalized guidance to achieve maximum results
√ A unique program combining nutrition and training
√ Personalized composition of Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats
√ Experience the benefits of Strength, Interval, Cardio and Circuit Training.
√ This combination provides for an effective weight loss program.
√ Maximum and Lasting Results! (Not a ‘’quick fix’ resulting in the Yo-Yo effect)


For those who are above the age of 55 and who want to stay fit and vibrant, there is the 55+ program.

In this program I will guide you in shaping a healthy and fit lifestyle according to your physical abilities. A healthy lifestyle will reduce numerous age-related risks such as: cardiovascular disease and joint pains.

The program focuses on increasing physical activity in your day-to-day life. Through a personalized program I will help you achieve your personal goals. We will focus on improving overall condition, lung capacity, and equilibrium and on strengthening bones.

Are you above the age of 55?
Do you want to feel fit and vibrant? Then 55+ is the program for you.

√  Working out with guidance can be fun
√  You will feel an increase in energy and feel more fit
√  Reduces the risk of joint pains
√  Lowers risks of cardiovascular disease
√  Improves lung capacity
√  Strengthens bones
√  Improves equilibrium reducing the risk of falling
√  Increases responsiveness
√  Increases strength
√  Extends lifespan and improves the quality of life


Rafaël Rocha Health & lifestyle Coach utilizes the Personal Hormonal Profile™ program (PHP-program). The program is intended to stabilize hormonal levels.

Numerous studies have shown that aging, body composition and health are more related to one another than previously considered. Hormones seem to be the missing link. Personal Hormonal Profile™ is a revolutionary method through which you shall feel younger and vibrant. Moreover, the program stimulates fat loss in target areas.

Your hormonal profile determines where fat is most easily stored on your body. In other words, a hormonal imbalance results in an imbalanced fat accumulation. We all know the common phenomena: women with small waists yet wide hips or men with “beer bellies”. These are obvious signs of a misbalanced hormonal profile.

Personal Hormonal Profile™ naturally balances your hormones in order to manipulate fat storage specific target areas. By combining your hormonal profile, personal training, supplements and nutritional advice, you will be able to responsibly achieve your goals.

Are you tired of feeling unsatisfied and do you want to feel motivated when improving your lifestyle? Personal Hormonal Profile™ makes this possible for you.

Are you interested in the Personal Hormonal Profile™ program combined with personal guidance to achieve your goal? Feel free to contact me.


Personal training is the most efficient way to get you in top condition/shape. This can also be done in small group sessions. Small group sessions provide for professional guidance within a social setting. You can form your own group containing, for example, friends, colleagues or family members. Together with your group, you can choose a date and time for your sessions.

You can also choose to train with current clients on predetermined time allocated for small group sessions.

√  Group with 3 to 6 people
√  Smaller groups; more personal guidance
√  Motivating social environment
√  Group training
√  60 minute training sessions
√  Affordable due to split costs between participants
√  Training sessions are both indoor and outdoor


Do you like outdoor activities and would you like to train in the outdoors? Then Boot Camp is meant for you! Boot Camp is a group training which, contrary to many other group classes, is given outside. When training outside, different objects will be used, such as stairs, benches and fences. When training is given at the beach, for example, sand will be utilized for extra resistance.

These training sessions are provided in a group. However, attention will be given to your own personal fitness level and physical condition. These outdoor training sessions are accessible to everyone, regardless of gender, age or physical condition.

Furthermore, training in the outdoors enhances your immune system, which benefits your health. It assists in reducing stress, and lowers your chance of catching a cold or other illnesses.  

In short, Boot Camp is ideal for people who love the outdoors and for those who spend the majority of their day seated. Making use of the outdoors and the social environment, along with professional guidance, makes it both fun and challenging!

Important aspects of Boot Camp Training:

√ Training in the outdoors
√ Improving overall condition and strength
√ Challenging surroundings
√ Amusing social contact
√ Accessible to all levels
√ Alternating and challenging exercises
√ Small exercising equipment of the personal trainer 


Rafaël Rocha | Health & Lifestyle Coach helps people to achieve the right balance between a healthy, active and busy lifestyle. In order to ensure that your time is used as efficiently as possible, I provide for onsite training sessions. This can include training sessions at home, in a park, or at your place of employment. Intensive guidance is key with this service in order to achieve optimum results. You can receive all the benefits of having a personal trainer but in the comfort in your own home.

√  Exclusive guidance
√  No time wasted on traveling
√  Time saving
√  No gym membership fees
√  No gym related limitations
√  In the comfort and privacy of one’s own home or another chosen location


Well-balanced nutrition is essential when the goal is to shape one’s body by gaining or losing weight. My approach stands in contrast to well-known crash diets or other unhealthy and irresponsible nutritional programs. These quick fix programs, as the term suggests, often deliver results in a short period of time but they are impossible to maintain for a long period of time, resulting in relapse and or the famous “Yo-Yo” effect. My goal is to provide nutritional guidance that will ensure not only long term but also permanent results.

I firmly believe in a healthy lifestyle and use methods specific to your personal needs in order to ensure that you achieve your goals in a healthy and responsible manner.
We will alter your diet to fit your physical activities and ensure hormonal stability. As a result you will feel fitter and more energetic.
My personally adjusted nutrition plans are healthy, delicious and easily applied within the confines of your daily schedule.



Rafael Rocha 
Personal Trainer & Lifestylecoach

Phone: 06-31926255
Mail: info@rafaelrocha.nl
Kvk: 57824789 

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